RH2 XL (Blemished)

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You asked. We answered.

RACK HUB Quality Disclaimer: 

Here at RACK HUB, our goal is to provide you the highest quality displays for you and your antlers. That means we physically inspect every product down to the finest details to ensure they meet our very high standards of both build and finish quality. These RH2 XL's that we have deemed "Blemished" are in 100% working order and are fully functional. They do however have minor blemishing on the finishing that does not meet our quality standards.

That is why we are offering them at a discounted price. It's our way of giving anyone who would like to, the opportunity to still beautifully display their prized antlers but not have to pay full price. We truly appreciate everyone's support and understanding with this "bump in the road" - if you have any questions or concerns please email us at contact@rack-hub.com 


Introducing the new RH2 XL | Patent Pending. 

Finally, you're able to display that bull elk match set! This all metal product is 7" wide and almost 9" in length - that's two times larger than our best-selling RH2. With refined aesthetics and unmatched strength, the RH2 XL is ready for your biggest trophies - without compromising style.

Note: There is a set screw located on the bottom of the ball joint that can be tightened to ensure maximum security; this feature is optional and not necessary.

Package includes:

- Fully assembled RH2 XL (with minimal cosmetic blemishes) 

- XL Antler inserts (x2)

- 1/2" drill bit

- 3/16” hex wrench

- Mounting screws (x2)

- Installation Instructions

(antlers not included)