RACK HUB® has made a vow to deliver top quality products with our 100% lifetime guarantee. You are putting your trust in us, and we want to back it up. These products are designed by hunters, for hunters. We are proud to say that almost all of the components are made in the US and everything is assembled in Indiana. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your antlers.


Install our products in 4 easy steps.

  • Use the included 5/16" drill bit to drill into the base of the antler. (Approximately 1" in depth)

  • Second, place the provided antler insert into the freshly drilled hole. We recommend using a rubber mallet to tap it in for a snug, friction fit. 

  • Find a solid surface and mount your Rack Hub™ product using the provided mounting screws.

  • Place the antler onto the hex stem and adjust. Tighten the knurled cap to secure it in place. Remove your antler at any time.


"Rack Hub is a well-designed product that solves the problem of how to cleanly showcase your shed antlers. I used an RH2 to display my son's first set of sheds. We're stoked for adventures ahead!"

"Because (shed hunting) is one of my favorite past times, I end up with a lot of sheds and they usually end up in plastic bins; so I picked up an RH1. It looks really clean, really organized, and it's a great way to display the sheds to shoulder mounted deer that I have a lot history with."

"Everything is so well done and thought through. Really nice work and easy to set up."

"When I found the match set to my number one buck a year apart, I knew I didn't want them to end up in one of the piles. (Rack Hub) is the next best thing to having his shoulder mount on my wall."