RACK HUB® Brand Story:   Why We Exist

There is something deeper behind our brand than making a profit. Something that gives us the passion to work late and continue to provide quality products you can be confident in and we can be proud of. This is why RACK HUB® exists. 

Let us explain our something! Here is the story behind RACK HUB® 


Antlers aren't meant to pile up, get lost, or to be forgotten. They deserve to be admired. Every glance invites us to the wilderness. Maybe its towering oaks, the scent of pine, golden fields, or a white-washed birch forest. Having a piece of the beauty of nature displayed in your home calls you to the places you want and need to be. But there is more to antlers than meets the eye.  They are meant to be touched and passed around. Antlers have a special way of bringing you back to where your adventure began. They are not an expensive vase or fine china to be enjoyed from a distance. They are meant to be held. They give a tactile, tangible way to experience an authentic piece of the outdoors. 


RACK HUB® founders and cousins T.J. and Jason Eads both have a hands-on, hard-working upbringing in construction and excavating. Both men are problem solvers. RACK HUB began with the simple need to cleanly display antlers yet still interact with them. "We wanted to hold these antlers and didn't want to permanently mount them on the wall like current shoulder mounts."  In December of 2017, T.J. and Jason started designing a product to meet these needs and by March 2018 the RH2 was developed and patented. As this passion for antlers merged with a dedicated and innovative spirit RACK HUB® was born. Through T.J. and Jason's ingenuity, RACK HUB® has been able to offer a stylish and unique way for antlers to be presented yet still interacted with. 


At RACK HUB® we love antlers! It's simply ingrained in us. For us, antlers represent adventures in the wild. They might be a piece to the puzzle when following a particular buck, or a piece of 'white gold' picked up during a hike with family and friends. Either way, antlers are something to cherish. The weight, and the roughness of the base transitioning into the smooth beam with tines protruding; you can feel that power in them. Antlers are meant to be treasured. They are proof that perseverance in the search for sheds, or the hunt for an elusive buck has a reward.


Every antler tells a story; reminiscing about Grandpa's first buck, or telling the tale of your daughter's first successful shed hunt. The ability to see and feel a token of a special moment is incredibly valuable. 


A love for antlers has created a passion in us to serve you and yours. We care about you and your antlers because we know firsthand what they represent. That is why we are dedicated to helping make sure your adventure continues even after you come indoors. Let's work together to bring your hunt home. Let's keep the memory alive!