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You asked. We answered.

Introducing the new RH2 XL | Patent Pending. 

Finally, you're able to display that bull elk match set! This all metal product is 7" wide and almost 9" in length - that's two times larger than our best-selling RH2. With refined aesthetics and unmatched strength, the RH2 XL is ready for your biggest trophies - without compromising style.

Note: There is a set screw located on the bottom of the ball joint that can be tightened to ensure maximum security; this feature is optional and not necessary.

Package includes:

- Fully assembled RH2 XL

- XL Antler inserts (x2)

- 1/2" drill bit

- 3/16” hex wrench

- Mounting screws (x2)

- Installation Instructions

(antlers not included)