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RH STAND (Package)

RH STAND (Package)

RH STAND (Package)



Sometimes, it's stressful choosing a spot on the wall to display your trophy. No one needs that kind of stress, especially in regards to your prized antlers. RACK HUB® has decided to offer hand-crafted wooden pedestals to eliminate this potential issue. We manufacture 2 wood species to fit into any environment. These stands are made here in Indiana by a very talented fella that puts a lot of care into each one. 

Note: This package includes the wooden stand you choose paired with your product choice.

Package includes:

- Wooden stand

- Product (Instructions, drill bit, antler insert(s), mounting screws, RH product)

(antlers not included)

Installation Instructions

  1. Remove the stand from the packaging, and fasten the post to the base.
  2. Fasten your product to the vertical post.
  3. Place anywhere on a flat location.