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Antler Bar
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Antler Bar

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Whitetail, Mule Deer, Coues, Blacktail, Sika, Axis, Fallow

Antler Bar | US Patented: No. 11,535,051

Do you have a few antlers lying around? Are you wondering what they'd look like perched off your mantel or extending off of your wall? If so, give one of these antler bars a test drive. You can place them virtually anywhere! One end has aggressive threads and the other includes our 3/16" hex stem to pair with our inserts. Our local manufacturer makes these one by one out of steel and we cover it with that sharp matte black finish. After you install it, take a step back and enjoy the floating effect!

Hex to Hex Connection - Our Antler Inserts have a hex shape on the inner diameter that nests neatly over the hex stem coming off of the ball. This Hex to Hex creates a no-slip connection to keep your antlers fixed right where you want them.
 Antler Versatility - Any antler that has an antler insert installed can be swapped out at any time, no matter the species. Take them off, show them around, and dock them back.
Friction Fit Icon Friction Fit - Our ‘friction fit’ refers to the 12 splines on the outer portion of the insert that fit into the antler without the aid of any adhesives. No waiting for glue to dry.
Hardware Included Icon Hardware Included - All the hardware you need to install is included.

What's in the box:

- Antler Bar
- Antler Insert
- Drill Bit
- Mounting Instructions


(antlers not included)


How many Antler Bar's can I get?

A Single Pack or 10 Pack

(Single Pack includes: 1 Antler Insert / 1 Antler Bar / 1 Drill Bit)

(10 Pack includes: 10 Antler Inserts / 10 Antler Bars / 1 Drill Bit)

What antlers can the Antler Bar hold?

The Antler Bar can hold ANY deer antler!

Mule Deer, Whitetail, Blacktail, Coues, Fallow, Axis, Sika, etc.

What does the Antler Bar come with?

Package includes:

- Antler Bar (x1) or (x10)

- 5/16" Drill bit for the Antler Insert

- Antler Insert (x1) or (x10)

- Instructions

(antlers not included)

Note: Pre-drilling your desired hole location will help during installation. 

1. Pre-drill a hole using an 1/8" or 3/16" drill bit (depends on your material).

2. Using a 3/16" driver, thread the antler bar into your desired location.

RACK HUB® products are hand assembled and packaged in Wabash, Indiana. We strive to ship products within 1-2 business days from the time your order is placed. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ryan Heikkila
Product Usage: Home Design Solution and Displaying a Memory
Product Placement: Bedroom
Antler Type: Sheds
Antler Species: Other
Great little product

Works excellent for 1 antler displays. Will be purchasing more.

Jim Sutton
Product Usage: Home Design Solution and Displaying a Memory
Product Placement: Family room
Antler Type: Sheds
Antler Species: Whitetail

I’m excited to use your product and have been looking for a versatile method to display my sheds. I’m building an antler tree by repurposing an old pine hall tree and have installed 10 sheds so far using your antler bars and inserts. The bars seem to be manufactured from a steel strong enough for a single use but not reliable if you need to remove/reinsert the bar to achieve correct angles. I’ve had to readjust 4 out of my 10 bars. I found 1 bar slightly bent the first time I removed it (even after predrilling a pilot hole) and found another bar’s screw threads half stripped the first time it was removed. This won’t prevent me from buying more (I’m placing an order for many more) but prevents me from giving a 5-star review. I do really like the RH2 I purchased. I am using it to display my heaviest matching set of sheds that are from what was a very beefy 4yr old buck. The RH2 is holding strong with a lot of antler weight on it. You had a great idea when you thought up Rack Hub and I wish you success!

Ben S

AWESOME! Absolutely the best and MOST CREATIVE method to display Shed Antlers - Extremely Versatile - Well Manufactured from quality components in the good 'Ol U.S.A. !!

Ken J
Perfect fit

I sculpted some resin skull plates and shed antlers free stand perfectly with your pins! Thank you.

Product Usage: Home Design Solution and Displaying a Memory
Product Placement: Other
Antler Type: Cut-Offs
Antler Species: Other
Roe deer

I use these for a set of roe deer antlers, these are verry smal so the bars could be an inch shorter.
Verry usefull if you need to hang an antler, but would like an option to mount a series of antlers.