Designed for a single shed antler, the patent pending RH1 is manufactured from high-strength aluminum that has been anodized in a matte black finish. Our ball joint rotates on all axes allowing your trophy to be displayed in virtually any position. After you find that perfect position, simply tighten the top knurled cap. Your display orientation will remain intact and you’ll be able to remove your antler at any time, show it off, and then dock it back in place. Our clean minimal aesthetic ensures all of the focus will be on your trophy.

Note: There is a set screw located on the bottom of the ball joint that can be tightened to ensure maximum security; this feature is optional and not necessary.

Package includes:

- Fully assembled RH1

- Installation instructions

- Antler insert

- 5/16" Brad point drill bit

- 3/32” hex wrench

- Mounting screws (x2)

- (Antler Not Included)


Installation Instructions

  1. Mount the RH1 bracket to a wall or desired location.
  2. Use the included 5/16" brad point bit to drill into the base of the antler. (approximately 1 inch in depth)
  3. Place the provided insert into the base of the antler.
  4. Place the antler onto the hex stem (attached to the ball).
  5. Adjust antler positioning by rotating the ball and tightening the knurled top cap.
  6. Step back and enjoy your trophy, knowing that you can remove the antlers at any time.