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Shed antlers pile up and old skulls are often lonely and forgotten. RACK HUB® cares about your problems and your antlers. Our products are designed with style, and they’re the most customizable mounts on the market. The best part is the ability to remove and/or change the antlers at any time. When your buddy doesn’t believe your big buck story, just pull those antlers off your RACK HUB® product to prove your credibility. Your antlers will thank you. 

Often times, that matching antler just can't be found. Those bucks do a good job at hiding them. For this reason, we designed and manufactured the RH1 to show some love for that lonely shed. Yes, it's matte black and all metal (grinning smiley face). Like the RH2, the ball joint allows for that perfect position, and it can be locked in place with our knurled cap.


(Mule Deer, Whitetail, Blacktail, Coues, Fallow, Axis, Sika, etc.)

Note: There is a set screw located on the bottom of the ball joint that can be tightened to ensure maximum security; this feature is optional and not necessary.

Package includes:

- Fully assembled RH1

- Installation instructions

- Antler insert

- 5/16" Brad point drill bit

- 3/32” hex wrench

- Mounting screws (x2)

- (Antler Not Included)


    Print PAGE 1 instructions here.

    Print PAGE 2 instructions here.