Lately, we have been getting so many shed stories, and it’s been so awesome reading how shed hunting has impacted each and every one of you. When we got this story about the yellow lab, Ivory, we knew had to share it. 

Ivory became a member of Presley’s family back in March 2019. Presley knew she wanted to train Ivory to shed hunt from the start. She started it off by getting a dog trainer. Once the graduation was over, Presley, Ivory and the dog trainer headed to the woods. Now, keep in mind, the training was not based off of shed hunting, it was normal obedience training. Once they were in the woods, it’s like Ivory knew exactly what Presley was thinking, and she picked up a broken antler. The shed hunting training didn’t even begin.

“I knew I had a special girl! We shed hunted our butts off in 2020! We found more sheds than I have ever found before. We actually won the ladies category of Whitetail Properties #ShedRally!” 

 After a great shed hunting season, Ivory passed away from a rattlesnake bite. This was Presley’s first dog that was truly hers, so the grief was overwhelming since she was after all, family. Ivory’s first antler now sits right next to Presley’s bed. Since then, Presley has adopted Ivory’s sister, and they have started the shed hunting training. 

“Shed hunting holds a special place in my heart. I will NEVER stop.” 



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