RACK HUB® Donates RH2 XL to Boy Scout; Troop 50

As a small company, we like to give back as much as we can, so when Life Scout Austin Watson from Boy Scout Troop 50, in Jacksonville, FL reached out to us about his Eagle Scout projectit was a no brainer. We had to help him out.


His goal was simple, to help renovate an outdoor Summer kitchen at their local Elks Lodge. This was Troop 50’s way to give back to their organization for all of the selfless work they do with youth and Veterans.


Austin noticed a pair of elk antlers that have been sitting in storage at the Elks Lodge for quite some time, so he did some research, and contacted RACK HUB. T.J. Eads quickly responded, and offered up a minorly blemished RH2 XL.


The project is currently being worked on, but as soon as it is finished, we will be sure to show you all the elk antlers in their former glory. Thanks to Austin for letting us be a part of this awesome project. 

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