Rack Hub® Christmas Gift Guide

Having trouble shopping for that antler lover in your life? We've got you covered with some of the best products we've used in and out of the field. 

Shed antlers pile up and old skulls are often lonely and forgotten. RACK HUB® cares about your problems and your antlers. Our products are designed with style, and they’re the most customizable mounts on the market. The best part is the ability to remove and/or change the antlers at any time. When your buddy doesn’t believe your big buck story, just pull those antlers off your RACK HUB® product to prove your credibility. Your antlers will thank you. 

It isn’t hard to see why The Speedgoat is one of our most popular blades. It can handle just about anything — from caping, gutting, skinning, and deboning an elk to cleaning fish, cutting line, and so much more. And at just 1.7 oz, this do-it-all blade is specifically crafted to be packed to the most difficult-to-access locations so you can pursue your passions faster.



LACUESA Non-Typical Bifold Wallet: https://lacuesa.com/collections/all/products/mens-minamalist-4-card

LACUESA's leather is already incredibly unique. The beautiful deerskin grain pattern, scratch marks and tick bites, tell the story of an animal's life lived wild and free. Now it's time to add your story to the leather! As your LACUESA wallet ages it will develop a character and patina distinctive to you and your experiences, making your LACUESA wallet a truly one of a kind piece.




Marsupial Gear Synthetic Game Bags: https://www.marsupialgear.com/collections/essential-gear/products/synthetic-game-bags

Marsupial Game bags are constructed out of a extremely durable nylon material that breathes exceptionally well to help your meat cool quickly. With no seam on the bottom and reinforced seams along the sides, the bags can hold an extreme amount of weight without failure. Each bag has a reflective logo on the front, (4) reinforced orange reflective tabs in the corners, and reflective white drawstring so the bags are highly visible at night. Rectangular in shape, the bags provide high coverage for animal quarters with no wasted space width wise like other "squarish" shaped bags on the market.



Stanley® Classic Legendary Thermos: https://www.stanley1913.com/products/classic-legendary-bottle-2-0-qt

This bottle is built big for all your big adventures. Stanley’s signature vacuum insulation will keep your coffee hot and your iced drinks cold for up to 2 days. The folding handle allows you to take it anywhere (and prevents it from rolling around in the back of your truck bed, boat or trailer). It’s also leakproof, packable and easy-to-pour which makes it a welcome companion at any tailgate or camp out.

Half Rack Deer Gambrel Kit: https://half-rack.com/collections/hunting/products/deer-gambrel-hoist-kit

This kit includes everything you need to get your animal up and ready to prepare. You can have peace of mind knowing your game will hang from this gambrel kit securely with it's 600 lb. rating. This gambrel is tough and is comprised of Powder-Coated Steel. Prepare any wild game for you and your family to enjoy. (Gambrel with two pulleys and hoist rope)


Rack Hub XL Antler Bar: https://www.rack-hub.com/products/antler-bar-xl

Do you have a few antlers lying around? Are you wondering what they'd look like perched off your mantel or extending off of your wall? If so, give one of these antler bars a test drive. You can place them virtually anywhere! One end has aggressive threads and the other includes our 1/4" hex stem to pair with our inserts. Our local manufacturer makes these one by one out of steel and we cover it with that sharp matte black finish. After you install it, take a step back and enjoy the floating effect!





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